Opportune Local

Now multi location businesses can leverage the power behind the World’s largest location-based platform to increase awareness of your brand and drive real in-store traffic! Reach your customers based on the places they’ve already been – including your competitor’s stores. Grow the number of customers coming to your store by using this unique hyperlocal GPS targeting across mobile apps and games that your customers use daily.

How We Do it




It all starts with an accurate understanding of where someone is.  When someone uses a location-enabled app our technology verifies the location signal for precision and accuracy. Each signal is run through a patented, location verification process, removing inaccuracies, and analyzing consumer patterns. This yields precise mobile location targeting data you can trust.

Next we match these signals to places. A proprietary mapping technology mimics the real-world so we can tell precisely whether a person is in a store, in the parking lot, or within walking distance of a location. This allows us to distinguish a passerby from a potential customer. With access to technology this powerful, marketers can take better action on offline behaviors.

All this adds up to measurable performance. Whether that’s driving traffic to your site or foot traffic to your store, increasing sales, or enabling you to plan, predict and prepare for real consumer behavior. Your business doesn’t need guesses. It needs the reality on the ground. So, let us show you the amazing things we can do with location data that fits into your local budget.