Location Solutions

Choose from hundreds of customizable options including the audience targeting with 128 segmented groups, location targeting with 5 million places mapped from chains to mom and pop locations across the U.S. or a cost per visit strategy  when you only pay when an in-store visit occurs. 

Proximity Targeting

Reach consumers when they are in a defined vicinity of a specific location to impact immediate and future behaviors or purchases.

Audience Targeting

Reach Behavioral Audience groups based on past visitation. For example, Millennials, auto buyers, frequent diners, luxury retail shoppers, millennials etc.

Brand Targeting

Reach people who have visited a brand-specific or category locale within a specific timeframe. For example, Starbucks, Home Depot., BMW, etc.

Competitive Conquesting

Reach a customized list of competitors’ locations. Target people who have visited your competitor locations.

Neighborhood Targeting

Reach consumers most likely to shop and avoid the least likely ones based on proven and observed visitation behavior.

Social Retargeting

Reach unique audiences you've already showed your message to and retarget those customers on Facebook, Instagram, etc.