Target Industries

Retail | Auto | Real Estate Industries

We find you retail, auto and real Estate shoppers based on real world visitation behaviors. In retail In-store shopping is far from dead, in fact, the majority of purchases still occur offline. The average auto-shopper visits two dealerships before purchasing a vehicle. That means you need to make the most of each visit. Use location to entice auto-shoppers to visit your dealership and reach the right people when they’re ready to make a purchase. Location, location, location – that old saying about real estate still holds true today. But with competition within the industry fiercer than ever, real estate marketing can be a challenge. That’s why real estate marketers need to get smarter about reaching their potential customers and driving more visitors to their open houses .

Restaurant | Health and Fitness | Service Industries

We find you dining, sports and fitness and service customers  based on real world visitation behaviors. A visit to a restaurant almost always means a sale. That’s why driving people into your physical locations is the most valuable thing you can do for your business. Location marketing helps you reach the right people who are most likely to be influenced to dine with you. When it comes to reaching health-minded individuals with relevant messaging, using location data is the best way to gauge their interest in health-focused brands and gyms. Use location-advertising to reach people who have actually taken action to improve their health (rather than just saying they want to make healthy choices). In a world with increasing online shopping, brands that provide services operate almost exclusively in-person.  That’s why using location marketing to raise awareness for your offerings and drive nearby users in-store is the perfect fit for services brands. 

CPG | Financial Services | Healthcare Industries

We find you consumer package customers, financial service customers and healthcare consumers based on real world visitation behaviors.  Getting a customer through your doors is only half the battle. For CPG marketers, what happens next can be a mystery. Use location marketing to improve brand awareness and drive visitors into retail stores to increase CPG sales.  Financial services are a competitive industry that offers consumers many choices. We identify and target key audiences in the buying cycle for big/major purchases and can deliver financing offers, rewards and product benefits. As health continues to be top of consumers’ minds, leading with relevant and localized information is more important than ever before. Information, offerings, and solutions that prioritize wellness, safety, and convenience are key in helping consumers make key decisions about their healthcare.