The Location Opportunity

We’ve been paying attention to developments in local marketing and want to introduce you to the term “location marketing” as the next big trend for promoting your local business. With the number of mobile phone users worldwide predicted to reach 4.8 billion within the next year, we’re no longer tethered to our computers or tv sets and your customers are free to live there lives in the real world. Your customer is roaming about now more than ever, therefore location intelligence becomes the most powerful indicators of intent to buy. It’s now a necessity to add location marketing to your local, regional and franchise marketing plans.



Opportune Cares

We want to lead the charge in doing the right thing. Our goal is to use every opportunity we have—no matter how small—to set change in motion in the communities we serve.  

Our goal is two-fold- first to donate a percentage of our profits directly to organizations that are bettering our communities and second use our platform’s insights and technology to empower non-profit organizations focused on change for the good. We pledge to invent a better future through the power of location.