Unlock the Power of Location to drive in-store visits

Target Customers in the Mobile Age

Local Intelligence Matters

We offer our local business partners location data and audience solutions specific to their industry


When someone is looking for a place to eat, they don’t want to travel far to get there. That’s why our using visitation behaviors and real-time Geomarketing solution is the best way to keep your restaurant busy.


In-store shopping is far from dead. In fact, the majority of purchases still occur offline. Use Geomarketing to drive shoppers into your retail stores by reaching the right people based on where they are and the places they visited.

Health & Fitness

Use Geomarketing to reach people who have actually taken action to improve their health rather guessing if they want to make healthy choices.


The average auto-shopper visits two dealerships before purchasing a vehicle. That means you need to make the most of each visit. Use Geomarketing to entice auto- shoppers to visit your dealership and reach the right people when they’re ready to buy.


For CPG marketers who sell food, personal care or other products, what happens after they enter the store can be a mystery. Use Geomarketing to improve brand awareness based on their real-world visitation patterns to increase your CPG sales.


In a world with increasing online shopping, businesses that provide services operate almost exclusively in-person. That’s why using Geomarketing to raise awareness for your offering and drive nearby users in-store is the perfect fit for service businesses.


Million unique
monthly users


million places
and points of interest


Billion visits


visit accuracy

Geomarketing tactics that turn into sales

Use proximity targeting to reach people around your store.

Reach a customized list of competitors’ locations.

Reach Behavioral Audience groups based on past visitation.

Measure in-store visits to calculate return on ad spend.

Reach people who have visited a brand-specific or category locations.

We make Geomarketing smart, simple, affordable and a great return on your investment

1) Choose Location Targeting

Choose proximity targeting around your business location, your competitor location, relevant points of interest, or specific neighborhoods in order to show promotions within the chosen geographic boundaries.

2) Choose Audience Targeting

Leverage more than 128 segmented audiences and overlay real-world visitation behavior with demographic data such as auto intenders, fast food lovers, luxury retail shoppers, millennials and more .

3) Add Data Targeting

Add data to see trends in visitation behavior, to understand cross shopping tendencies and how they change over time. Add data to understand what types of people are visiting your brand and how that varies from your competitors and much more.

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